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About Russian Pop

Russian Pop Music: An Introduction by Diskomafia03

Russia is one of the only European countries with a distinct and thriving popular music scene relatively uneclipsed by Western acts. Because the world of Russian pop is so vast and full of distinctive performers, it can be somewhat difficult to navigate. Therefore, this article provides an overview of this broad--but little-known (in many countries)--industry.

Because so many different musicians fill the charts in contemporary Russia, it is usually easy to find songs to suit every musical taste. The 'pop' category encompasses everything from syrupy ballads to wall-shaking house and techno, with ample offerings in between. For curious listeners unacquainted with Russian music, I recommend evaluating your tastes in Western music first. From there, you can find Russian equivalents (more or less) of most of the music styles that are popular throughout the rest of the world.

I. CLASSICS: Many Russians associate the phrase "classic pop" with one person: Alla Pugacheva. This legendary singer has ruled the pop music scene for over three decades. In the USSR of the early 1970s, she began singing the state-sanctioned romantic pop genre called "estrada,"and she still claims millions of loyal devotees today. Pugacheva has experimented with many different musical styles, ranging from fiery torch-rock and Middle Eastern folk to theatrical ballads and opera. Other classic pop singers include Philip Kirkorov (Alla's producer and, incidentally, her fourth husband) and Valery Meladze. Famous for his sentimental hits like "Zayka Moya," numerous Eurovision covers, roles in famous musicals like "Chicago," outrageous performing costumes, and frequent involvement in scandals well-catalogued by the Russian tabloids, Kirkorov has gained both fame and infamy throughout Eastern Europe. Kirkorov is one of the few Russian singers to record songs in English and Hebrew, and he also released a Spanish-language album--a first for a Russian artist. Valery Meladze remains a standard on the pop charts, with crooner-influenced hits like "Cest La Vie" released between successful collaborations with Ukrainian girl-group VIA Gra. Other classic pop singers include Leonid Agutin, his longtime collaborator Angelica Varum, Nikolai Baskov, Irina Allegrova and Valery Leontiev.

II. "POPSA"/SOFT POP: "Popsa" is the term (sometimes used disparagingly) that classifies such dance-pop acts as Zhasmin, Kraski, Smash and Alsou. This wildly popular genre, marked by looped trance-like melodies and repetitive choruses, spawns new super-zvezdy all the time. Shows like "Fabrika Zvezd" (the Russian version of "Pop Idol") launch the careers of many new singers, including Yulia Savicheva, Pier Nartsiss, and Irakliy. Zhasmin, Andrey Gubin, Janna Friske, Smash!!, and Kraski perform well-mastered dance pop with tidy lyrics and an instantly-recognisable, if commonplace, style. Dima Bilan's trip-hop-influenced pop is quite interesting, as is Gluk'OZA's unique brand of music. Although soft pop and dance pop are worth a listen, the genre can become somewhat tiring. However, my list of popsa artists is by no means exhaustive or exclusive. There are dozens of soft-pop musicians releasing Russian songs today. Therefore, you should be able to corrobrate your tastes in western pop music with some Russian acts. For example, if you like Sugababes or Girls Aloud, I recommend Blestyashi or Strelki. If you listen to Daniel Powter or Westlife, try Smash or Premier Minister, and if you like James Blunt and Robbie Williams, try Dima Malikov or Alex Kireev. For a good sampling, buy a Soyuz CD or similar, which is an assembly of all-Russian chart hits.

III. HOUSE/TECHNO/POP: The Russian house and techo/pop music scenes are thriving with fresh and undiscovered acts. Russkiy Razmer are one of the most popular techno/pop bands in Russia, and they have gathered attention among dance fans outside of their home country. t.A.t.U, the most well-known Russian band in the West, fuses electronic dance beats with pop melodies in a typical Russian style. The duo known as Ruki Vverh, or Hands Up, creates instantly-recognizable dance-pop music that is standard for parties, and Diskoteka Avaria are known for their club-perfect fusion of hip-hop, house and rock-n-roll (as one of their song titles states). DJ Groove, Vitas and Virus constitute other popular techno/dance acts.

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