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Zveri was formed in mid-2002 by Roman Bilyk, the lead singer of the band, better known as Roma Zver'. The group was named after his nickname. He was soon joined by Maksim Leonov on guitars, Kostya Labezkiy on the bass, Kirill Antonenko on keyboards and Misha Kraev on the drums and the group began work on their debut album Golod, released in February 2003. This album contained many of the group's best-known songs, such as Dozhdi-Pistolety (Rain-Guns), Dlya Tebya (For You) and Prosto Takaya Sil'naya Lyubov' (Simply such a strong love).

In March 2004, Zveri released their second album, entitled Rayony-Kvartaly (Regions-districts). It sold well[citation needed] and was accompanied by a tour of the country to promote it.[citation needed] Vsyo, chto kasaetsya (All, that is about) was released as a single from it and standout tracks include Yuzhnaya Noch' (Southern Night) and Napitki Pokrepche (stronger drinks). In 2005 the group released a remix album for songs from Golod and Rayony, Kvartaly. March 2006 saw the release of the group's 3rd album, Kogda my vmeste, nikto ne kruche (When we are together, no one is cooler), from which Do skoroi vstrechi (See you soon) was released as a single.

Zveri's 4th studio album, Dalshe (Дальше) was released in November 2008.

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