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Yulia Chicherina, the band's namesake and vocalist, was born in Sverdlovsk in 1978. She attended art school as a child and her family encouraged her artistic talent. In fact, her father originally wanted her to be an architect. Yulia spent much of her childhood drawing, but eventually she wanted to branch out and sing--her older sister possessed decent musical ability, and was accepted into music school. Yulia sometimes secretly echoed her sister during music practice; and she also decided to join her school's girls' choir. However, during tryouts, she sang in a loud and monotonous bass and was not accepted. This setback devastated Yulia...but not for long. She never gave up on her love of music, nor her dream of being a singer. Joining a band later in life, she sang the vocals of many rock hits, including ''Tu-lu-la'' on the soundtrack of the ''Brat-2'' movie. Chicherina's music sounds like a hybrid of Mumiy Troll and Zemfira's louder, more guitar-laden songs. The band has recorded some slow, reflective music, although most of their albums are full of loud rock. Although her former school's chorus moderator may not agree, I find that Yulia actually has a decent voice. Chicherina's tunes are very catchy and (as with most Russian music) always fun to blast out the windows at high volume. Recommended for rock lovers, especially fans of bands like Night Sniper, Mumiy Troll and Zemfira (especially songs like ''Skandal'' and ''Pochemou?''

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