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Virus (Вируc) is a Russian band composed of Yuri, Andrey and Olga. It was popular in 2001. The project was producing techno-based, Russian pop music, similar to Ruki Vverh at the time. After several more or less popular tunes, they disappeared in the never-ending sea of techno-based Russian pop music.

Some more info: Yuri and Andrey were attanding the same High School of Zelenograd (close to Moscow) in 1997, and that's how they met each other. One of them was the DJ and the other made music on the computer. Once, Yuri had a dream that they need somebody with a woman's voice to sing. They started to search around and finally found a highschool girl, Olga, who was singing in the House of Culture. So that's how they started working together. Their first group name was "Akvarel" (Watercolor) and after that they called themselves "Vot Tak" (That's How). Their first place of work was in Yuri's apartment, which really pissed off his parents. They worked a lot and finally in 1998 their record was found by producers Igor Seliverstov and Leonid Velichkovskiy. The Group renamed themselves to "Virus" and their first debut album, "Do not try to find me" was soon released. This album brought Virus success and popularity.

Virus have seen successful hits such as "Schastye (Счастье)", "Poproshu tebya (Попрошу Тебя)", "Papa (Папа)", and "Vse proydet (Всё пройдёт)".

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