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Lumen is a Russian rock band from Ufa first formed by a young boy named Michael, known as the "Man". They combine punk rock with traditional Russian rock. The band considers February 12, 1998 as their birthday. This is the date when the musicians first performed under the name "Lumen", and not as "Безымянные мучители гитар" ("The Nameless Guitar Torturers").

The band was formed on the 12th of February 1998. For ten years, step by step Lumen became the most famous Russian alternative band. In October 2007, the band won two prizes at the RAMP Awards from the main alternative music channel in Russia "A-One", they were the laureate of nominations "Best band of 2007" and "Best album of 2007". In October 2008, Lumen won the "Band of the Year" prize at the Russian Alternative Music Prize. Their first radio hit - "Sid and Nancy" was released in 2002 and became a hymn for huge number of teenagers who found their own ego in Lumen's lyrics and realised that they were soul-mates. Then two of their songs "C4" and "Skolko" ("How long?") found the same destiny as "Sid and Nancy". The song "Gosudarstvo" ("The State"), featuring lyrics that are very critical of Russian political situation, became the most audience-demanded song on A-One.

Lumen’s following releases only increased their success. Today Lumen have 9 official releases among them five studio albums, four live albums and two live DVDs. It is easy to imagine but difficult to believe that just within a few years Lumen came to be known as big and well-known artists without any special support from major labels or some fake PR. And they moved from small venues and joint concerts to solo concerts at the biggest and most famous venues in Russia. Lumen always search for new approaches and are not afraid of experimenting with their sound. Some say that they are representative of the new wave in alternative music; some call them followers of traditional punk music. But the band itself doesn’t care about any labels or definitions. They make honest and uncompromising songs and don’t try to stick to a "format" or state of affairs. Their songs always find thousands of admirers throughout Russia and their life as a band is a storm of drive and real emotions, and for this reason their numerous concerts always draw huge audiences.

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