Белый Орёл / Belyy Oryol

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Belyj Orel is known as one of the most enigmatic Russian bands. Different sources say very different things about the band's formation. The following information comes from the band's official site.

Belyj Orel was founded by Vladimir Zhechkov (the current producer of the band) in 1996. The idea behind the band's formation was to bring a new kind of energy into Russian rock. Zhechkov thought that too many Russian rock bands were loosing their songs on a emotional level. He wanted to create a band who would have something to sing about.

The name Belyj Orel (White Eagle) came from a brand of vodka, as Zhechkov's compagny was at the time advertising this brand.

From its beggining (their first album was released in 1997), the band raised very quickly to stardom. The song "How ravishing are the nights in Russia", from their second release in 1998 became a megahit and is now a classic amongst Russian pop/rock music.

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