Ногу Свело / Nogu Svelo

About The Band

HOME CITY : Moscow

Nogu Svelo were formed in around 1992 in Moscow by Bass player Maksim Pokrovskiy and drummer Anton. Their name translates to "Numb leg/Leg cramp"

Yakomul'skiy, and released their first album "1-0 в пользу девочек " in 1993 and the second "Капризы манекенщиц" soon after. These two albums were only realsed on viynal and are now almost impossible to find anywhere.

The album"Сибирская любовь'" are re-recordings of songs of their ealier albums, And are (in my opinion) A lot better, mainly Due to the improved recording facilities availble to them then. The title song "Siberian Love" was a Eurovision attempt by them, however it never got past the national competition.

The bands earlier style differs a lot from their later style, they were more experimental and had more childish lyrics to begin with.

The video for Kharu Mabaru is fantastic btw :)

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